Suit dryer / Coverall dryer

Pronomar can offer drying systems for various applications due to a variable fast coupling system. Depending on the type and thickness of your suits or coveralls you can choose between different drying hangers. Furtermore, the hangers are available in three length-sizes.

In case not all drying hangers are needed it is possible to close off several coupling sections to guide the full air capacity to the occupied hangers.

Please find below a few examples of suit dryers and coverall dryers.

survival suit dryer

Wall-mounted dryer for work
suits, coveralls and jackets/trousers

jacket dryer and trouser dryer

Wall-mounted dryer for jackets, trousers
and helmets

combination dryer for jackets, overalls, boots and gloves

Combination dryer
for coveralls, boots and

jacket drying rack

JF 01 W
Drying rack for jackets

overall drying rack (jackets and trousers)

Drying rack for coveralls

light work wear drying rack

AT 01 W
Drying rack for light work wear


Drying systems for diving suits:

Upside-down dryer SF01 for dry diving suits / tauchanzügtrockner / duikpakdroger

Upside-down dryer SF01 for dry diving suits

wall-mounted dryer TF01 for wet suits / tauchanzügtrockner / duikpakdroger

Wall-mounted dryer TF01 for wet suits

diving suit with AT01LAW-hanger / tauchanzügtrockner / duikpak droogsysteem

Diving suit with AT 01 LAW-hanger


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