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Wet or damp workwear are a thing of the past with drying systems from Pronomar and Top Trock.

                 suit dryer

      work wear dryer

      boot dryer

      glove dryer

Depending on the required drying time, on-site conditions, the material of the garments to be dried and their degree of humidity, there are different types of drying systems available:

boot_dryer DSC00587 panel central heating

Cold Stores
Working in cold stores requires insulated and cold resistant workwear from the best quality and providing an optimal wearing comfort. This type of clothing comes at a certain price, and if you want to considerably increase its lifetime -and thus bring down purchasing costs- you need an extra gentle drying. Pronomar can provide this and has experienced that people who work in a cold store environment highly appreciate the professional clothes, boot and glove dryers.

Renowned international companies such as ALDI, Netto-Marken Discount, EDEKA, Smits Cheese, Migros or OSI all rely on the drying systems to dry their staff’s freezer clothing.

cold store drying parlevliet plas coldtex pronomar

Food Industry
Not only doing an excellent job drying cold store and freezer clothing, the drying systems are also in use at the meat and fish industry, bakeries, breweries, ice cream factories etc.

Respirator workshops, steel industry, foundries, chemical industry, refineries, paper industry, leather manufacturing industry, construction industry, mining industry etc.

Community services
Motorway & road maintenance departments, utility work teams (e.g. sewage cleaners), clarification plants, water utilities, garbage collection, town horticulture etc.

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