Training & Service Stations

Training Stations

At a training center people are trained to work offshore and to handle a crisis. These trainings mainly take place in water which causes wet training gear. It is more pleasant for the trainees to start their training with warm and dry training suits. The mobile drying systems dry the suits quickly and avoid complaints from trainees about wet, cold and (bad) smelling clothes.

“Using these dryers makes all the difference when you need to carry out in-water training on daily basis. Both for instructors and delegates. When you need to spend hours in water, you want to be sure your equipment is well maintained and that is where Pronomar dryers are irreplaceable.”

Reval Safety Training, Estonia.

drying room equipment for training and service stations

Service Stations

With the aid of the drying systems a service centre is able to manage a faster turnaround, from receipt of the suits to servicing and returning them to the respective owners.

wall-mounted drying equipment for training and service stations
mobile drying system for training and service stations
dryer for training stations for wet suits and drysuits

Also available: storage systems without drying function

An important advantage of the storage racks is that the work clothes can be gathered and hung together in one place, which results in an organized changing room. Pronomar provides wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted as well as freestanding or mobile solutions, which transform your mud room in an exceptionally tidy space.

professional storage rack