A perfect solution for all your problems with scaling, corrosion, biofouling and barnacles offers the unique Merus technology. This technology, which basically consists of a ring that is installed around the pipes in question, gives off molecular oscillations disturbing the lime scale, rust, bacteria, algae etc. in your fresh- or seawater lines and applications. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water lines and applications mostly free of harmful build-up and bringing them back to high performance levels.

The same counts for hydro carbon lines and applications, where paraffin wax, biofouling and corrosion often causes efficiency drop-down due to blockage or leakage.

A perfect solution for improving the efficiency of:
– heat exchangers, cooling loops, cooling towers, cooling water treatment, seawater evaporators, (steam) boilers, calorifiers, reverse osmosis systems, all kind of seawater applications, separators, hydrophores, pumps, etc.


– Longer lifespan and extended service intervalls
– Saves time and money
– Increases the efficiency of chemicals
– “Saves me headache and reduces my operational costs”


The very basics of how Merus emits oscillations
The Merus ring is made out of two halves of a treated alloy. The two halves can easily be installed on the outside of a pipe as a collar. Once the Merus ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of oscillations. For each problem there is a dedicated oscillation to fight a specific problem. One oscillation fights rust and corrosion, one fights calcium scaling and other salts and one is fighting microbiological problems such as bacteria, algae or biofouling. Finally, the Merus ring is also applicable for problems with hydrocarbons.

Read more about the environment-friendly character of the Merus technology:
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