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  • Next to the drying solutions, we also provide stainless steel storage racks. An important advantage of the storage racks is that the work clothes can be gathered and hung together in one place, which results in an organized changing room. Pronomar provides wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted as well as freestanding or mobile solutions, which transform your mud room in an exceptionally tidy space.

    After clicking on 'add to quote' and 'see your request list', on the bottom of the following page please let us know more about your available space and feel free to add a picture or drawing. In this way, we can think of the most suitable personalized solution.

  • The NEW brushless, digital blower FLOW300 is a straight-forward system, with a new improved housing for extra flexibility for the filter change and with the option to regulate the air volume.  It is already automatically set on perfect working parameters, so that by simply switching on the wind-up timer, everybody can quickly start the dryers in no-time!

    The low-noise, brushless and maintenance-free air blower provides an air temperature of approx. 39 ºC at the blower outlet (with a room temperature of 20 ºC). The strong airstream ensures that the warm drying air is spread evenly between all hangers.

  • 1 spare set per blower is included in the original delivery, which equals to spares for the first 2 years. We advise to change the filter regularly for a proper function of the blower.

  • The 10-hour timer can be configurated to the warm-air blower of your wall-mounted or freestanding/mobile rack. It is absolutely ideal if you would like to dry your work clothing in between shifts or during a break. Using a timer is very practical, but also energy-efficient, since the drying system will be automatically turned off when the desired drying time is finished.



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