On-going cooperation between Pronomar and the Arkship / Silverburn Shipping Group

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After a very successful cooperation in the recent past, where Pronomar supplied Arkship (Silverburn Shipping Group) with the well established and high-quality stainless steel Top Trock drying systems for several accommodation vessels, Pronomar are happy to have been contracted by Alexander Baranov again, also for

Pronomar on board the Rossini with Top Trock drying systems

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After already equipping several accommodation vessels, all named after famous composers, Pronomar are proud to have once again been asked by Wagenborg Offshore to provide the highly-efficient TopTrock drying systems, to be installed on board the Rossini, built at De Hoop Lobith, a shipyard located

Satisfied crew on board the Yuriy Andropov

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Pronomar are happy to have received a pleasant email fromAlexander Baranov from Silverburn Shipping Group informing them about a recent visit on board the accommodation vessel Yuriy Andropov, cruising the Caspian Sea. Silverburn Shipping are very happy with the recently installed highly efficient boot dryers

Wagenborg complete their range of Pronomar products on board the Rossini

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After already equipping the state-of-the-art accommodation vessel “ROSSINI”, under the ownership of Wagenborg Offshore and cruising the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan, with their highly-efficient drying systems for their crew’s work wear, Wagenborg Offshore turned their attention to their water pipes onboard. They asked Pronomar  to


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