New MERUS agent for the Baltic states

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Pronomar is pleased to announce her new agent for the MERUS technology: Merus Baltija OÜ, based in Tallinn-Estonia. Owners Mr. Mirošnitšenko and Mr. Tšebotar have been active in the maritime industry for years and wanted to be able to offer their clients a solution for

Pleasant cooperation with the STOUT Group

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Pronomar are happy about their cooperation with the STOUT Group, a well-known name for over 30 years. They have supplied the highest quality products (pipes) to the shipbuilding, offshore and chemical industries – the same industries in which Pronomar is actively operating. We are very

Monte Pascoal to cruise scale-free from now on

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Hamburg Süd Container Lines, headquartered in (of course) Hamburg is a shipping company running a fleet of container vessels all over the world, represented by two brands: Hamburg Süd as a German carrier and Aliança as a Brazilian shipping company operating vessels under the Brazilian

Scylla Tours want their fleet to cruise with the environment-friendly and highly innovative Merus Technology

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If your customers come back for more you are doing something right! Pronomar can certainly feel this way as they have recently received another nice follow up order from Scylla Tours, a Swiss shipping company running a fleet of luxurious river cruise vessels covering all

Odfjell Terminals

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Introduction - Fouling and scaling reduce heat transfer in heat exchanger tubes and chemical cleaning causes corrosion in pipes. This can further lead to a loss of production as unplanned shutdowns become necessary to fix blocked or leaking equipment. - Merus ring technology resolves cooling-water

Fitness France happily recommends the Merus technology

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After having recently equipped the Fitness First clubs in Paris - France with the highly efficient MERUS rings Pronomar are now happy to have received an official letter of recommendation from Nicolas Guillosson, the Facility Manager at Fitness First in Paris. Mr. Guillosson reports that

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