Petrofac’s Montrose Training Center uses drying systems for immersion suits

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Petrofac Training Services has over 30 years experience in delivering survival and safety training to the offshore energy industry. Petrofac has a rich heritage and history, combined with experience and full service capability, meeting the needs of customers and offering a unique level of experience

New order from Flensburger for Western Geco´s Amazon Conquerer

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Pronomar is happy about a new order from Flensburger Shipbuilders, once again for the innovative, multipurpose Pronomar drying systems and once again to be installed on board a new seismic research vessel for Western Geco, the Amazon Conquerer. In total the dryers will see to

No freezing on board a freezer trawler

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DDW Paxocean Asia, a shipping company headquartered in Singapore, recently placed an order at Pronomar BV. Paxocean houses four of Asia’s premier shipyards where so far over 2000 vessels of all types have been built and repaired. Currently being built is the freezer trawler T214.

GloMar ARCTIC follows her sister vessels with drying systems on-board for FRC suits, boots and gloves

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We were very pleased about a new order from GloMar Ship management. After the Glomar Baltic and Glomar Patriot it was now for their sister vessel, the Glomar “Arctic”, where drying systems for 4 FRC suits, oilskin clothes, overalls, shoes/boots and gloves will be installed.

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