How To Create a Safe and Healthy Working Environment

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were faced with ramped-up hygiene measures for  their key-workers. Workplace safety should never be taken lightly and now, more than ever, it is of highest importance to focus on hygienic, bacteria-free and comfortable work environments. Pronomar

Compact Drying Solutions with DUAL Dryer

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One of the greatest problems experienced by workforces is wet, sweaty or cold workwear from previous shifts. Safeguarding that employees are outfitted with dry equipment is crucial for concentration efficiency and reduction of incidents. Especially for small enterprises, think of (fishing) vessels, small industrial applications

Boot Dryer from Pronomar for a Tidy Change Room on an Offshore Platform

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For equipping a drilling rig, the OAASIS Group Ltd. - a worldwide supplier of PPE and MRO products - turns to Pronomar for a professional drying solution, where 15 pairs of boots, shoes and gloves alike can be dried comfortably with the help of warm

No More Cold and Wet Footwear on the Life Fish Carrier M/V Inter Caledonia

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Wet and cold workwear always forms a discomfort on fishing vessels, but thanks to Pronomar’s PPE dryers this is now a thing of the past! The Life Fish Carrier M/V Inter Caledonia from Intership AS was equipped with a compact shoe dryer for 5 pairs.


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