Pronomar’s New Success in the Fishing Industry

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The Dutch company Pronomar, specialized in supplying drying systems for work gear, such as oilskins, boots, gloves, fishing bibs and other PPE, perceives a new interest for their systems on-board trawlers. “We are a company with our roots in the maritime industry and are the

Pronomar happy about new business with Kazakhstan

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We are happy about a new order from the company Alprom LLP, a Kazakh company located in Atyrau, a leading provider of inventory to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Alprom contacted us for our established and innovative Pronomar – Top Trock stainless steel drying

Myklebust goes for Pronomar once again

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After many successful projects carried out with Myklebust Verft, a Gursken-based part of Kleven Maritime AS and combining the building of new ships, like Coast Guard Vessels, fishing vessels as well as offshore and service vessels, in the past, Pronomar are thrilled about their new

Dry football boots for Belgian’s top of the table

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Pronomar are very pleased that RSC Anderlecht, top of the table in Belgian’s Jupiter League, the countries highest-playing football league, decided to install drying systems for their player’s football boots. The drying panels, all made from stainless steel, provide fast and efficient drying on a

Drying systems for another two vessels of Wagenborg Offshore

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Already Pronomar's Top Trock drying systems are cruising the Caspian Sea on board the accommodation vessels Puccini, Verdi and Kurmazagy. Now Pronomar are happy that Wagenborg Offshore have yet again put their trust in them to equip also the living quarter barges Bellini and Wagner

Drying system for skates at the ice rink place in Antwerp

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Drying system for skates and clothes during christmas 2008 at the ice rink in Antwerp. Also known as shoe dryer, boot dryer and glove dryer, sometimes even named shoe warmer, boot warmer or glove warmer, this system is ideal for drying all kinds of sports


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