Boot Dryer from Pronomar for Trawler Conversion SIDDIS SKIPPER at Astilleros de Santander S.A.

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When out on sea it is crucial that the working crew is perfectly taken care of, as it is them who in the end keep the business going by making long hours and by working hard in all kinds of weather conditions. Wearing warm, dry

UPDATE – Warm feet while skating at Swedice

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Pronomar is pleased to report that the Dutch company Swedice placed her first order. Swedice provides ice and snow related activities and offers products and services associated with winter entertainment. Events made possible by Swedice include the annual ice rink at Museumplein in Amsterdam and the

Pronomar-ELA Drying Container at Offshore Energy in Amsterdam

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Just recently Pronomar B.V. started a cooperation with German based company ELA Container Offshore GmbH and developed the concept of drying containers, for both on- and offshore use. ELA is participating at Offshore Energy in Amsterdam on the 28th and 29th October 2014 and together

Safe work conditions on board the Safe Boreas

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Pronomar started a new project in cooperation with Jurong Shipyards Singapore, where the “Safe Boreas” (owner: Prosafe), a semi-submersible accommodation vessel, destined for operations in the North Sea from 2015, is currently under construction. For this vessel they got the order to supply the established,

Polarcus Amani now sails with Pronomar’s drying panels

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Pronomar is happy about an order from Imatech BV, a Dutch ship supplier. Imatech ordered one of Pronomar’s Top Trock boot drying systems to be installed on board the seismic vessel Polarcus Amani. The drying panel, completely made from seawater-resistant stainless steel, in combination with

Dry boots on Shell platform

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We are happy about an order we received from Shell UK for our innovative, established Pronomar-Top Trock boot dryers, in total for 30 pairs of boots/shoes, to be installed on their Brent Delta platform. The boot drying panel, completely made from solid, seawater-resistant steel to

MV Princess cruises royally with high-quality Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems!

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After recently supplying CCGVeritas with drying systems for their research/survey vessel “Geo Challenger” we were very pleased when CCGVeritas placed a new order with us, this time for their seismic survey vessel “MV Princess”. Only the best is good enough for CCGVeritas and so the


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