Pronomar’s COMBO Drying Systems for Damen’s VOLT Processor

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In 2016 Damen Shipyards Group signed a contract with VOLT Service AS in Norway for the construction of a Utility Vessel: the Volt Processor UV-4312. The vessel was delivered in May of 2018 and is fitted with the latest chemical-free delousing installation and offers the

Drying Systems for Technicians on Board of Østensjø’s SOV’s

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In 2016, the Norwegian shipping company Østensjø Rederi commissioned shipyard Astilleros Gondán to build two Service Operation Vessels (SOV), named the Edda Passat and the Edda Mistral. These vessels are equipped with 60 accommodations. Most of these accommodations are reserved for the wind turbine technicians.

Positive Feedback on Smooth Transition of Top Trock Export Business to Pronomar

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In March of this year Pronomar proudly took over all export related business for Top Trock's professional drying systems. Being a multifunctional company and having a supportive team allowed Pronomar to accomplish a smooth and successful transition. “The positive feedback from our international partners and


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