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MV Princess cruises royally with high-quality Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems!

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After recently supplying CCGVeritas with drying systems for their research/survey vessel “Geo Challenger” we were very pleased when CCGVeritas placed a new order with us, this time for their seismic survey vessel “MV Princess”. Only the best is good enough for CCGVeritas and so the

Oceanic Challenger challenges wet work wear – with Pronomar drying systems!

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We were happy to receive an order from EOS France to supply our state-of-the-art drying systems to be installed on board CGG Veritas vessel “Oceanic Challenger” – a research/survey vessel, formerly known as Geo Challenger and travelling under French flag. EOS France gave the order

Cooperation with Tersan continues in 2013

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After a successful first project carried out in 2011, Pronomar were extra pleased about a new order from Tersan. This time Tersan asked us to supply our established and highly efficient boot drying systems for the fishing vessel NB1016 Havstrand, under Norwegian ownership. The vessel,

Drying systems for Fred. Olsen’s jack-up vessels Brave Tern and Bold Tern

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We are happy about an order from Fred Olsen Windcarrier, an established Norwegian company in the shipping industry, offering broad experience and combining knowledge from the expanding offshore wind industry with extensive offshore oil and gas experience. In 2010 Fred Olsen Windcarrier placed an order

STX OSV opts for dry boots

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Pronomar are happy about a recent order they got from STX Norway Accommodation AS, a company specializing in the interior outfitting of the accommodation areas of their new-build vessels. They are part of STX OSV, a major global shipbuilder, construction both offshore and specialized vessels

Drew Marine opts for Pronomar!

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Drew Marine Safety B.V., with their European headquarter in Barendrecht (NL), is a global leader in technical solutions and services to the marine industry. Recently they approached Pronomar to deliver their efficient, state-of-the-art drying systems, made from stainless steel, to dry survival suits that are

Drying systems on board of the Franziska

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After several successful cooperations in the past, we were happy to receive a new order from van der Zwan, this time for their vessel Franziska. With the order for the highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems, all made from high-quality stainless steel, the crew on

Extra service available for Pronomar-Top Trock clients

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We at Pronomar pride ourselves not only on the top quality of our products but also on the excellent service we provide to our customers. This of course goes hand in hand with our partners, for example our long term business partner, the company Top

Perfectly dry work wear on-board of perfectly built PSV vessels

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Pronomar is extra pleased about a new order from Damen Shipyards, headquartered in Gorinchem (NL). Damen is an international shipyard group that always aims for what their customers need and wish for. Established in 1927, Damen developed into a leader in the shipbuilding world with

Dry gloves for Norbert Dentressangle’s employees

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Another company to put their trust in Pronomar to solve their problems with wet gloves is Belgium’s Norbert Dentressangle Logistics in Asse who purchased a glove dryer for their staff working in their cooling area. They now join the ranks of many happy clients, among