Compact Drying Solutions with DUAL Dryer

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One of the greatest problems experienced by workforces is wet, sweaty or cold workwear from previous shifts. Safeguarding that employees are outfitted with dry equipment is crucial for concentration efficiency and reduction of incidents. Especially for small enterprises, think of (fishing) vessels, small industrial applications

Pronomar Improves the Working Conditions in the Food Industry

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Hygiene is a leading factor in today's food industry. Random checks are carried out to minimize contamination risks during food production processes. Strict requirements are also imposed on work clothes. It is important to work in hygienical and clean clothing to ensure a hygienic production

Demand for Drying Systems in Booming Expedition Market

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The global pie of 2017 confirmed the trend of the expedition market, as this sector represented 1% of the total market size, according to Cruise Industry News. Their annual report has officially confirmed this growth, which explains why numerous cruise ships are exploiting this

Pronomar’s COMBO Drying Systems for Damen’s VOLT Processor

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In 2016 Damen Shipyards Group signed a contract with VOLT Service AS in Norway for the construction of a Utility Vessel: the Volt Processor UV-4312. The vessel was delivered in May of 2018 and is fitted with the latest chemical-free delousing installation and offers the

Drying Systems for Technicians on Board of Østensjø’s SOV’s

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In 2016, the Norwegian shipping company Østensjø Rederi commissioned shipyard Astilleros Gondán to build two Service Operation Vessels (SOV), named the Edda Passat and the Edda Mistral. These vessels are equipped with 60 accommodations. Most of these accommodations are reserved for the wind turbine technicians.

Oil Skin Dryer for the Trawler SCH24 Afrika

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Jaczon B.V. was founded in 1954 in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Over the years, Jaczon developed into a big player in terms of fishing, processing and sales of seafood. The company operates an impressive fleet of 13 big vessels and a few small fishing boats. In

Boot Dryer from Pronomar for Trawler Conversion SIDDIS SKIPPER at Astilleros de Santander S.A.

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When out on sea it is crucial that the working crew is perfectly taken care of, as it is them who in the end keep the business going by making long hours and by working hard in all kinds of weather conditions. Wearing warm, dry

Cooperation between Pronomar and ELA continues: drying container exhibited again on EWEA in Copenhagen!

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Back in October 2014 we shared the news about Pronomar’s cooperation with German based company ELA Container Offshore GmbH and developing the concept of drying containers. Following a very satisfying collaboration on the Offshore Energy in Amsterdam, both companies team up again by participating at

Pronomar’s Company Profile in Business Guide!

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Just recently, Pronomar’s Company Profile was published in the online Business Guide of The profile includes information and multimedia regarding Pronomar’s range of products, and will be kept up-to-date throughout the year for your reading and viewing pleasure! Curious about the outcome? Please take

Shah Deniz (BP) will be equipped with Pronomar’s electrically heated boot dryer

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In April 2014 Pronomar received an order from Apply Emtunga AB for Shah Deniz from BP. Shah Deniz is a gas terminal on the Shah Deniz gas field within in the Caspian Sea, which is the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan. Commissioned by BP


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