Cooperation between Pronomar and ELA continues: drying container exhibited again on EWEA in Copenhagen!

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Back in October 2014 we shared the news about Pronomar’s cooperation with German based company ELA Container Offshore GmbH and developing the concept of drying containers. Following a very satisfying collaboration on the Offshore Energy in Amsterdam, both companies team up again by participating at

Pronomar’s Company Profile in Business Guide!

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Just recently, Pronomar’s Company Profile was published in the online Business Guide of The profile includes information and multimedia regarding Pronomar’s range of products, and will be kept up-to-date throughout the year for your reading and viewing pleasure! Curious about the outcome? Please take

Drying Cabinets for jackets and boots come in handy on board Van Oord’s “NEXUS” (UPDATE)

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Back in 2014, you’ve been informed that Pronomar equipped the cable laying vessel “NEXUS” with three established, efficient drying cabinets, each responsible for the drying of 8 sets of workwear. The NEXUS is a vessel by Van Oord, a family owned business and leading

Perfect start in 2011 thanks to Ajax Marine Safety

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Pronomar are very pleased to start the year with an excellent order from Ajax Marine Safety, part of Ajax Chubb, supplier of detection systems, fire-extinguishing systems for the Marine industry and based in Barendrecht. One of their many services include also the testing and servicing

Dry outfits for the Dutch Police Academy

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Pronomar are very pleased to have received another nice order from the KLPD, after several orders in the past from various departments within the KLPD (National Police Force), it is now the Dutch Police Academy, based in Leusden, who decided to provide their staff and

Also the Police values the comfort Pronomar drying systems provide

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Another satisfied client to enjoy the many advantages that the highly efficient drying systems, provided by Pronomar, represent, is the water police in Willemstad part of the KLPD (the National Police). They installed dryers for their solas immersion suits. Pronomar are happy to have learnt

Pronomar AIR drying systems at wind energy service station Baltic 1

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The latest client to put their trust in Pronomar is Germanys third-largestenergy company EnBW, who are particularly active in the fields of wind and solar energy. After already operating about 50 wind turbines onshore, EnBW are now busy with developing 4 offshore projects which are


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