MS Rotterdam is very satisfied with Pronomar MERUS rings

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In May and June 2014 Pronomar installed 4 MERUS rings on the MS Rotterdam at various applications in the kitchen, such as the dishwashers and the piping of the kitchen. Following very satisfying results, Holland America Line (HAL) decided to order 2 additional MERUS rings

HealthCity’s MERUS rings are getting reprogrammed

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Over five years ago Pronomar has installed several MERUS rings at HealthCity in Waalwijk. HealthCity is very pleased with the advantages of the MERUS rings, but has now returned the rings to Pronomar for a RELOAD. The MERUS rings are to be checked once in

New MERUS agent for the Baltic states

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Pronomar is pleased to announce her new agent for the MERUS technology: Merus Baltija OÜ, based in Tallinn-Estonia. Owners Mr. Mirošnitšenko and Mr. Tšebotar have been active in the maritime industry for years and wanted to be able to offer their clients a solution for

Also Basic Fit goes for Pronomar

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Pronomar is happy to see the Pronomar-MERUS solution for green water treatment firmly established in the world of fitness and health. New to join the ranks of Pronomar's clients are the Basic Fit clubs in Waterloo and Brussels Madou, where, in April of this year,

Pronomar and Fons Jansen

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Already a few months back we started a cooperation with Fons Jansen, a company which guarantees reliable craftsmanship, clean and customer-friendly work, convenience and carefree services for already 30 years. Fons Jansen are specialists in water, gas and electricity and are available at daytime, but

Merus technology also at the Health City in Waalwijk

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With an in-depth knowledge of the market Pronomar is a specialised agent for the supply of high-quality products to the Maritime, Offshore as well as Industrial and Sports and Leisure market. Straight-forward, solution-oriented thinking and a close-the-client business approach makes Pronomar outstanding in terms of

SCH. 302 Willem van der Zwan

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Among the many satisfied customers is also the trawler SCH302 Willem van der Zwan. Knowing that taking care of all water related applications can be troublesome with regard to scaling in evaporators and heat exchangers, as well as rust and marine growth, like algae and

MV Waterway

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Pronomar with their in-depth knowledge of the Maritime and Offshore market has been a reliable partner for many ship-owners the world over. Their state-of-the-art equipment coupled with solution-oriented and close-to-the-client business approach sets new standards in the Maritime world, amongst others in the Green water

Fitness First Paris is also using the Merus Technology

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The management from Fitness First France has decided to equip also Sainte Geneviève des Bois in Paris, after the installation of the two Fitness First Clubs in Bordeaux. The management and the clients from Fitness First will benefit from the advantages of less lime scale


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