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With a strong emphasis on international partnerships and a commitment to sustainability, we have established ourselves as a global player in the industry here at Pronomar. Moreover, we always keep our mission, vision and values in mind and strive to maintain high standards in all our practices.

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As a manufacturing company, we take responsibility to look after economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Firstly, the brand-new production facility has solar panels added to the roof, harnessing free renewable energy. Consequently, energy costs are brought down by producing electricity on site. Furthermore, we increase operational efficiency by regenerating materials, resulting in lower costs and less waste. In addition, to move to a circular economy approach, we are constantly rethinking the way we design our products and packaging. This transition aligns with our commitment to sustainability. as a result, the extended longevity of our system matches perfectly with regulations to avoid technical waste as much as possible.

Our professional drying equipment is a long-term investment. We are aware of this, which is why we only use sustainable materials for our products. All of our equipment is made by experienced professionals, according to the highest European standards. Our goal therefore is to provide our customers with high-quality products that will last a lifetime, with little to no wear and tear or maintenance.

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The Story behind Merus

At the beginning, Merus came to the idea to reduce negative side effects of fluids in industry and private homes. They were looking for a method that doesn’t cause negative side effects; a method without chemicals and wasted energy. They felt that treating “evil with evil” (the way things have been done before Merus and still continue to be done) can’t be the right way to use water. As a result, the Merus ring was developed: a brand new water technology that fights the problems in a sustainable manner, drastically reducing the need for chemicals.

The approach is based on the finding that technical properties of substances can be changed by overlapping frequencies. After some tests, Merus found out that in this way, not only symptoms can be treated. Moreover it is possible to prevent the development of water problems.

As a result of these discoveries, Merus GmbH was founded in 1996 in Germany.

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