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Another Three Boskalis Vessels Equipped with MERUS Durable Water Technology

After already having installed multiple MERUS rings on a number of Boskalis vessels, three other Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers have recently also opted for this environmental friendly solution. Boskalis, a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider, equipped the Queen of the Netherlands, the Fairway and the Prins der Nederlanden with several MERUS rings. These ships are now provided with a system which helps in the prevention of lime scale, corrosion and biological   problems in the water lines and water bearing systems. Why opt for a MERUS ring? The three Boskalis TSHDs are equipped with various evaporators, in which the seawater partially evaporates and the residual brine is conveyed back into the sea. Inside the heat exchanger

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Seabourn Sojourn, Droogsysteem, Pakkendroger, Laarzendroger

Nice and Warm to Destination Unknown

The world is not only expanding for the traditional export markets, but for tourism as well. In the past, for Europeans ‘going on a holiday’ meant booking a sun holiday to Spain in the summer and to Austria for winter sport  in the winter. Nowadays, booking a holiday means a flight to Asia or a cruise to Alaska – where the ice is not only in your drinks, but also in the water surrounding you. Many cruise operators offer trips to the coldest parts of the world. One of them is Seabourn Cruise Line, owned by Carnival Corporation. They take their guests to Alaska, but also places like the Baltic Sea, the northern parts of Greenland, Canada and even Antarctica.

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Drying Systems, Fishery

Drying Systems Making Commercial Fishing More Comfortable

Commercial fishing provides a large quantity of food to many countries around the world, but those who practice it as an industry most often pursue fish far into the ocean, under adverse circumstances. One can only imagine what it’s like to work onboard these vessels, in all sorts of marine conditions and weather conditions. Having to put on your still wet workwear the next day, can influence your health and mindset. That is exactly why Pronomar offers drying systems; to ensure these problems belong to the past and to provide these brave men with comfortable attire. Recently, Nodosa Shipyard decided to opt for this effective solution for the new Flyshooter/Twinrigger LH-356 “Henk Senior”, built for the fishing company “Osprey Group

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Auxilium Offshore, Drying Cabinet

Drying Diving Suits in an Underwater Safety Facility

Auxilium Offshore, specialized in the provision of mission equipment for the international offshore energy and maritime forces sector, signed a contract in March 2017 for the construction of an underwater safety center in Asia. Within this safety center, several diving activities and subsea emergency procedures will be simulated. Pronomar’s drying systems are indispensable to enhance the training conditions. The drying equipment makes sure the diving suits get dried within a short amount of time. By drying the suits from the inside out, the process is most efficient, hygienic and contributes to a higher trainee satisfaction. Furthermore, the costly diving suits benefit from an extended lifespan. Are you interested in Pronomar’s effective drying systems? Do not hesitate to contact us for

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Stanislav Yudin, bootdryer, Pronomar, Seaway Heavy Lifting

Crane Vessel Stanislav Yudin Outfitted with Boot Dryers

Seaway Heavy Lifting chose to outfit the Stanislav Yudin with Pronomar’s boot dryers. This Light Ice Class crane vessel is ideal for a broad range of offshore installation tasks. The leading offshore contractor is currently using the vessel for the installation of piles for jacket foundations at the 580MW Beatrice offshore wind farm, located on the North Western point of the Smith Bank. For Seaway Heavy Lifting, safety is of paramount importance as they intend to look after all people who are involved in their projects. Especially on offshore platforms, bad weather conditions can result in dangerous and unpleasant situations for employees. The drying systems, entirely made of stainless steel, guarantee multiple advantages for Seaway Heavy Lifting and their crew.

September 26, 2017 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Vroon VOS Start uitgerust met waterbehandelingstechnologie

MERUS Rings Installed on Vroon’s New Ship: ‘VOS Start’

Once again, Vroon has chosen to put its trust in Pronomar’s capacity to support the technical installation on its new offshore supply ship “VOS Start”, by installing multiple MERUS rings. Having more than a century’s experience in the international shipping industry, makes Vroon certain that having MERUS rings on-board the VOS Start is the ideal solution to prevent possible scaling problems. They already built up experience by having the technology on-board the VOS Sugar, VOS Star,VOS Partner,VOS Passion and more. The new subsea-support walk-to-work vessel VOS Start, built by Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding, has upgraded Vroon’s existing diverse fleet, which now exists of approximately 200 vessels. It will be the first of two W2W vessels, which enables them to meet the

September 12, 2017 | Category: All, Merus |

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Revolutionary green ferry “Texelstroom” even greener

Texel, the perfect island for a holiday, a weekend away or just a day to spend on the beach. Many Dutch people visited this island, but Texel is also visited by a lot of tourists for a bit of peace and quiet. The island is a beautiful piece of Holland and evokes a holiday feeling with many people. That feeling already starts in Den Helder, when you take the Teso ferry to Texel. The Teso ferries are known amongst many, but the new ferry “Texelstroom” might be less known. Since the end of 2016, the Texelstroom sails between Den Helder and Texel. The Texelstroom can transport more cars than previous Teso ferries and is more sustainable. The ferry uses less

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Monarch Empress starts with durable water treatment

Being eco-friendly is getting more and more important. Entrepreneurs that join the ‘go green’ trend are greatly appreciated these days. Although appreciation is meaningful, it is also important for entrepreneurs that environment-friendly, alternative products are reliable and cost efficient. The company River Advice started to make her Avalon fleet environment-friendly a few years ago. The Avalon Scenery was the first ship to use the MERUS water treatment technology, which was installed in 2012. It was the beginning of a beautiful cooperation between River Advice and Pronomar. Nowadays, a lot of Avalon ships have the MERUS rings on board and recently the Monarch Empress followed as well. The Monarch Empress is a luxurious river cruise ship which can accommodate 144 passengers.

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Drying systems for a theater group?

We never thought about that, but after seeing the intriguing and especially wet show ‘The Course of Things’ (De Loop Der Dingen) we understood why the dancers asked for shoe dryers. Thanks again for the hospitality @HofpleinTheaterRotterdam #YouWearItWeDryIt

February 13, 2017 | Category: All, Drying Systems |

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Kick-Off the New Year!

After having had a good year in 2016 we are already looking ahead! The planning for 2017 is largely fixed. Also this year we will visit many exhibitions worldwide and additionally welcome everyone once again at the Offshore Energy and Europort exhibition, in our own cold “Frogland”. Our goal for this year is that even more people can begin their work day with a warm start. Next to that we cannot wait to sit with more water consumers at our “oval table” and to inspire them to make the transit to a sustainable water treatment method. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for new updates of #PronomarOnTheRoad and more interesting feeds! And if you wish to share your experience

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