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Vroon VOS Start uitgerust met waterbehandelingstechnologie

MERUS Rings Installed on Vroon’s New Ship: ‘VOS Start’

Once again, Vroon has chosen to put its trust in Pronomar’s capacity to support the technical installation on its new offshore supply ship “VOS Start”, by installing multiple MERUS rings. Having more than a century’s experience in the international shipping industry, makes Vroon certain that having MERUS rings on-board the VOS Start is the ideal solution to prevent possible scaling problems. They already built up experience by having the technology on-board the VOS Sugar, VOS Star,VOS Partner,VOS Passion and more. The new subsea-support walk-to-work vessel VOS Start, built by Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding, has upgraded Vroon’s existing diverse fleet, which now exists of approximately 200 vessels. It will be the first of two W2W vessels, which enables them to meet the

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Revolutionary green ferry “Texelstroom” even greener

Texel, the perfect island for a holiday, a weekend away or just a day to spend on the beach. Many Dutch people visited this island, but Texel is also visited by a lot of tourists for a bit of peace and quiet. The island is a beautiful piece of Holland and evokes a holiday feeling with many people. That feeling already starts in Den Helder, when you take the Teso ferry to Texel. The Teso ferries are known amongst many, but the new ferry “Texelstroom” might be less known. Since the end of 2016, the Texelstroom sails between Den Helder and Texel. The Texelstroom can transport more cars than previous Teso ferries and is more sustainable. The ferry uses less

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Monarch Empress starts with durable water treatment

Being eco-friendly is getting more and more important. Entrepreneurs that join the ‘go green’ trend are greatly appreciated these days. Although appreciation is meaningful, it is also important for entrepreneurs that environment-friendly, alternative products are reliable and cost efficient. The company River Advice started to make her Avalon fleet environment-friendly a few years ago. The Avalon Scenery was the first ship to use the MERUS water treatment technology, which was installed in 2012. It was the beginning of a beautiful cooperation between River Advice and Pronomar. Nowadays, a lot of Avalon ships have the MERUS rings on board and recently the Monarch Empress followed as well. The Monarch Empress is a luxurious river cruise ship which can accommodate 144 passengers.

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Drying systems for a theater group?

We never thought about that, but after seeing the intriguing and especially wet show ‘The Course of Things’ (De Loop Der Dingen) we understood why the dancers asked for shoe dryers. Thanks again for the hospitality @HofpleinTheaterRotterdam #YouWearItWeDryIt

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Kick-Off the New Year!

After having had a good year in 2016 we are already looking ahead! The planning for 2017 is largely fixed. Also this year we will visit many exhibitions worldwide and additionally welcome everyone once again at the Offshore Energy and Europort exhibition, in our own cold “Frogland”. Our goal for this year is that even more people can begin their work day with a warm start. Next to that we cannot wait to sit with more water consumers at our “oval table” and to inspire them to make the transit to a sustainable water treatment method. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for new updates of #PronomarOnTheRoad and more interesting feeds! And if you wish to share your experience

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ROC Friese Poort Chose Pronomar as Supplier of Immersion Suit Dryers

Pronomar can proudly announce that drying systems and storage bars for immersion suits have been provided to the ROC Friese Poort in Urk. ROC Friese Poort offers vocational education to both youngsters as well as adults to gain useful experience in technical and nautical courses. The space-saving and effective drying systems and storage bars are highly appreciated by maritime schools and training stations worldwide. By carefully yet promptly drying the thick-quality immersion suits, the lifespan of the material gets prolonged by 2-3 times. The ROC is happy having a tidy area where their suits are dried and stored in between courses.

January 31, 2017 | Category: Drying Systems |

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Combining High Performance with Safety On-board W2W “Bibby WaveMaster 1”

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem successfully built the “Bibby WaveMaster 1”, their first walk-to-work services operations vessel, and Pronomar helped creating a healthy working environment on-board by providing drying systems for workwear to the turbine maintenance personnel. Damen Shipyards Gorinchem is the headquarters of the Damen Shipyards Group and delivers up to 180 vessels each year and has actually built more than 6,000 ships since 1969. This custom-designed vessel was deployed for UK-based Bibby Marine Services. It is designed to operate with maximum efficiency, while providing a high level of comfort for the crew. “We are always happy to work with Damen, which has a strong maritime heritage and is clearly focused on innovation and on having a good relationship with their

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Pronomar Delivers Drying Systems to Bernhard Schulte’s “Windea La Cour ” + “Windea TBN”

Pronomar happily announces the provision of drying systems to Bernard Schulte Offshore, for their two new Service Operations Vessels (SOV’s). One of them is working in the 600 megawatt Gemini wind farm in the Dutch part of the North Sea. Bernhard Schulte, based in Hamburg, is a multinational company which is widely recognized as a leader in ship management services and an asset provider for the industry. According to Bernhard Schulte, the SOV’s will function as “a reliable and environmentally sound platform for wind farm operations and maintenance support, technician accommodation and transport, and the provision of exceptional levels of safe and reliable access to installations offshore”. Two of the main focuses of the company are safety and reliability, which make

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VOS Sugar and Star Equipped with MERUS Water Treatment Technology

All of us can see the sustainability trend in the shipping and offshore industry. However, these companies are, with good reason, only receptive for environmentally friendly alternatives when they offer reliable and economic results. Vroon Offshore Services B.V, with headquarters based in the Dutch Breda, got to know Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment a couple of years ago. The MERUS water treatment is an environmentally friendly technology which keeps pipes and water bearing systems clean of lime scale, rust and bacteria for a longer period of time. Over the years, the responses coming from the superintendents and technical staff on-board the vessels which were using the MERUS technology were always positive and for that reasons there has been decided to equip

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The Day Of: Art and Durability

“I am definitely getting around!”, says Wieland Juch, student at the Technical University of Delft and Technical Maintenance Employee at Pronomar B.V. “One moment I am crawling through the wet underground area of the Police Academy, the next I am stepping on board of a ship and today I am standing in front of the Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum”. In 2016, Pronomar B.V. was asked to install the MERUS water treatment technology in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rings were installed before the warm water system and the boilers too have been equipped. How did Pronomar end up there? Via Croonwolter&dros, a merger of Croon and Wolter & Dros. For over 140 years, they have been in the vanguard of new

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