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Pronomar supplies ingenious drying systems for the drying of all types of PPE. The systems have uniquely designed, rounded hangers on which you can dry workwear such as boots, jackets, coveralls, helmets, masks and many more.

Health, comfort and efficiency

More and more attention is being paid to safety initiatives, but Pronomar believes that health initiatives should receive equal attention. Poor health carries increased risk, especially in outdoor environments. Studies focused on occupational health have shown that the use of drying systems results in a significant reduction in sick leave. In the long run, many chronic diseases are caused by wearing wet work clothes, which in turn lead to occupational diseases and costly downtime in organizations. Also, staff motivation and efficiency increase when they are provided with dry and well-maintained work clothes.

In addition, Pronomar provides systems that conveniently dry personal protective equipment (PPE). Unlike traditional drying rooms, warm air is blown directly into the garment to the exact place where drying is needed. Drying an entire room for 24 hours is therefore history. This drying method can reduce CO2 emissions and meet the carbon reduction targets. In addition, the extended life of the systems perfectly aligns with regulations to avoid technical waste as much as possible.



  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased motivation
  • Proactive care

  • Extended lifetime of PPE
  • Reduced CO2 emissions


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    Pronomar provides customized drying systems for the drying of all types of PPE. On the uniquely designed, rounded hangers you can not only dry workwear, but also other types of equipment. In addition to the drying systems, other accessories are available to complete your drying room. Discover all our solutions that suit your specific needs.

    All solutions

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I find Pronomar at exhibitions?

    You absolutely can! Pronomar’s employees actively visit numerous exhibitions worldwide and is periodically also represented with its own stand. Please check out our events calendar or follow our social media accounts.

    Is it possible to visit Pronomar and see the drying systems?

    Our office is located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. If you wish to see the products and their functioning, please feel free to schedule an appointment (+31 (0) 78 68 19 481 /

    What is the warranty on the drying systems?

    There is a warranty of 8 years on all stainless steel drying racks and 2 years or 5.500 hours of operation on the warm-air blowers FLOW300.

    How much room do I need?

    Pronomar’s flexible and modular system fit in all rooms; from small niches to complete large-scale drying rooms. For your personalised drying room, we provide a free AutoCAD engineering service.

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