About Pronomar

We are Pronomar, founded in 2007 and born from a maritime background. During the years, Pronomar has become a major player in many different industries and business segments. We are specialized in the provision of drying systems for workwear and the Merus water treatment technology, two unique, innovative and environmentally friendly products that improve working conditions for people and organizations. Pronomar supplies its products worldwide, which means that we have many international partners and travel around the globe to keep up with current trends in the industry.

At Pronomar we are committed to innovative technology, eco-friendly sustainable solutions and improving working conditions for people and organisations. These improved working conditions will aim attention at the wellbeing of employees and make sure that work can be carried out in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. With the aim of being a valued business partner for all our customers.

Pronomar provides technical and sustainable solutions such as drying systems and the Merus water treatment technology with the aim of optimizing working conditions, by providing environmentally friendly products that prevent the growth of bacteria, reduce the susceptibility to diseases and extend the life of materials, to ultimately increase the operational efficiency in organisations.

  • Professional expert team

  • Vast international experience

  • Customizable solutions for any large or small-scale project

  • Sustainable solutions for businesses and employees

Our team stands for

Trust and cooperation
You are looking for professional drying room and water treatment solutions. That is where our expertise lies. Together we come to the best solution. From conceptual planning to delivery, you can rely on us.

Team effort
We continue to invest in our employees. Expertise, creativity, quality, experience and a young, fresh look on things are important to us.

Short communication lines
The communation lines between you and us are short. This way you will quickly get access to good, complete and reliable information.

Production drying systems

As a manufacturing company, we take responsibility to look after economic, social and environmental sustainability. Firstly, the brand-new factory (2019) has solar panels added to the roof, harnessing free renewable energy. Energy costs are brought down by producing electricity on site. Furthermore, we increase operational efficiency by regenerating materials, resulting in lower costs and less waste. To move to a circular economy approach, we are constantly rethinking the way we design our products and packaging. The extended longevity of our system matches perfectly with regulations to avoid technical waste as much as possible.

Our professional drying equipment is an investment that you make for a longer period of time. We are aware of that. That is why we only use sustainable materials for our products. All of our equipment is made by experienced professionals, according to the highest European standards. Our objective is to offer our clients high-quality products that can last a lifetime, with little to no wear-and-tear parts or maintenance required.

Philosophy behind Merus

At the beginning, Merus came to the idea to reduce negative side effects of fluids in industry and private homes. They were looking for a method that doesn’t cause negative side effects, a method without chemistry and waste of energy. We felt that treating “evil with evil” (the way things have been done before Merus and still continue to be done) can’t be the right way to use water.

The approach is based on the finding that technical properties of substances can be changed by overlapping frequencies. After some tests, Merus found out that in this way, not only symptoms can be treated. Moreover it is possible to prevent the emergence of water problems.

Thus, in 1996 the Merus GmbH was founded in Germany.

Merus sustainable water technology