GRP Drying Cabinet for Boots

GRP Drying Cabinet for Boots

About the product

Jo Bird’s robust, high-performance GRP cabinets, when paired with Pronomar’s drying equipment featuring a fast coupling system and virtually indestructible stainless steel fittings, create a formidable combination. These GRP cabinets can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C and resist the destructive forces of water, ice, sand, dust, and wind.

Customize the drying cabinets precisely to your specifications, and we also offer interior fittings for drying life vests, re-breathers, and more.

Article number PJB18-BOOTS

Extra information

The highly efficient drying method inside the GRP cabinets uses warm air conducted through continuous stainless steel tubes and distributed via nozzles directly into the clothes. The cabinet is suitable for drying boots, shoes or gloves.

Dimensions: W 1304 x H 1831 x D 785 mm