AIR Drying Systems


Pronomar’s AIR drying systems offer a warm and fast drying of all clothing. These systems use a large amount of warm air, which flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and body-shaped hangers. The hangers contain nozzles, through which the air enters the clothing, reaching all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots.

The brushless, digital blower FLOW300, which is an essential part of the AIR systems, is a straightforward system with an housing that provides additional flexibility for easy filter changes. It is already automatically set on perfect working parameters, so anyone can start the dryers quickly by simply turning on the digital timer. The brushless and maintenance-free blower provides an air temperature of approximately 39 ºC at the blower outlet (at a room temperature of 20 ºC).


Introducing our innovative drying solution, a paradigm shift in equipment maintenance. This advanced product not only expedites the drying process but also significantly augments the overall lifespan of personal protective equipment (PPE) by a notable factor of 2-3 times. This is achieved through a sophisticated mechanism that utilizes a substantial volume of warm air, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient drying experience.

Beyond its expeditious functionality, our solution introduces enhancements that resonate in both professional and leisure domains. Employing an intricate inside-out drying process, the product guarantees elimination of moisture from every crevice. This not only optimizes working conditions, but also extends the durability of the equipment.

Moreover, the product addresses olfactory concerns by effectively neutralizing 95% of undesirable odors. This leaves equipment not only impeccably dry but also refreshingly clean. In terms of operational convenience, our solution incorporates a programmable timer feature, affording users the flexibility to set specific drying durations. This alleviates concerns associated with oversight.

Embrace the evolution of drying technology — where celerity, efficacy, and convenience converge to redefine the maintenance regimen for your gear. Embark on this transformative experience now and elevate your equipment care practices to unprecedented levels of sophistication.


Can I find Pronomar at exhibitions?

You absolutely can! Pronomar’s employees actively visit numerous exhibitions worldwide and is periodically also represented with its own stand. Please check out our events calendar or follow our social media accounts.

Is it possible to visit Pronomar and see the drying systems?

Our office is located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. If you wish to see the products and their functioning, please feel free to schedule an appointment (+31 (0) 78 68 19 481 /

What is the warranty on the drying systems?

There is a warranty of 8 years on all stainless steel drying racks and 2 years or 5.500 hours of operation on the warm-air blowers FLOW300.

How much room do I need?

Pronomar’s flexible and modular system fit in all rooms; from small niches to complete large-scale drying rooms. For your personalised drying room, we provide a free AutoCAD engineering service.

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