ELEDRY Drying Systems


The ELEDRY drying systems operate with electrically heated hangers. On the uniquely designed rounded hangers you can dry all kinds of footwear and gloves. The plug-and-play drying systems are designed for easy use and are our most energy and cost efficient system.

The completely soundless system offers configurations from 5 to 30 pairs in single- or double-sided setups.


Discover the remarkable advantages of Pronomar’s ELEDRY drying system, an innovative solution designed for the efficient and hygienic drying of footwear, shoes, and gloves. Operating with electrically heated hangers and equipped with timers, the ELEDRY® system ensures easy handling, allowing users to initiate drying quickly by simply activating the timers.

Pronomar’s extensive range caters to diverse needs, offering configurations from 5 up to 30 pairs in single or double-sided setups. This versatile system is not limited to boots; it accommodates shoes and gloves, providing a comprehensive drying solution. For detailed possibilities and configurations, feel free to inquire.

Key features of ELEDRY

Explore the comprehensive features that distinguish the ELEDRY® Drying System, offering a seamless and efficient drying experience:

Flexible Timer Options: Opt for the convenience of flexible timer options, whether it’s the wind-up timer (6h/12h) or the socket timer (24h), allowing you to tailor drying cycles to your specific needs.

Wear and Tear-Free Design: Designed without wear and tear parts, the system ensures durability and continuous reliability. This design feature guarantees long-lasting performance, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Optimized Energy Consumption: Achieve heightened energy efficiency with capacities ranging from 5 pairs (80 W/h) to 20 pairs (320 W/h). This adaptability empowers you to optimize energy usage based on your unique drying requirements.

Versatile Power Connection: Connect effortlessly to 230 V (optionally to 110 V) and make use of user-safe 12 V DC technology for a versatile power connection. This adaptability accommodates different electrical setups, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Flexible Plug Connection: Streamline the installation process with a flexible C13/C14 plug connection. This feature adds an extra layer of adaptability, allowing for easy integration into various setups and contributing to a hassle-free setup experience.


Can I find Pronomar at exhibitions?

You absolutely can! Pronomar’s employees actively visit numerous exhibitions worldwide and is periodically also represented with its own stand. Please check out our events calendar or follow our social media accounts.

Is it possible to visit Pronomar and see the drying systems?

Our office is located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, the Netherlands. If you wish to see the products and their functioning, please feel free to schedule an appointment (+31 (0) 78 68 19 481 / info@pronomar.com).

What is the warranty on the drying systems?

There is a warranty of 8 years on all stainless steel drying racks and 2 years or 5.500 hours of operation on the warm-air blowers FLOW300.

How much room do I need?

Pronomar’s flexible and modular system fit in all rooms; from small niches to complete large-scale drying rooms. For your personalised drying room, we provide a free AutoCAD engineering service.

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