Navy & Coast Guard

Since the launch of the drying systems for protection wear and uniforms, Pronomar has never been out of the defense-picture. Over the years, numerous navy and coastguard vessels and frigates have been equipped with Pronomar’s dryers. Pronomar does not only supply systems for the activities of defense at sea, but for the (police) facilities ashore as well. Different solutions are available.

Quality and sustainability are of great importance, as the dryers are especially needed on the most challenging days (at sea). Crews are able to start new shifts with dry and warm clothing, instead of having to wear an outfit which is still wet and cold from previous times. Reducing the amount of sick leaves, providing more comfort to the PPE wearers and increasing their motivation are all objectives for Pronomar.

drying lockers and coverall dryers for navy and coast guard
drying solution for workwear of navy and coast guard

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