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Navy & Coastguard

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In maritime operations, the Navy defends borders and projects power, while the Coast Guard ensures safety and enforces laws. Similarly, combating wet clothing challenges, Pronomar’s drying solutions actively address the issue. Like a naval force confronting sea threats, these solutions efficiently tackle damp and wet garments. Furthermore, resembling the Coast Guard’s commitment to coastal safety, Pronomar preserves clothing integrity by ensuring optimal drying.

Pronomar's solution

Since the launch of the drying systems for protection wear and uniforms, Pronomar has never been out of the defense-picture. Over the years, Pronomar has equipped numerous navy vessels, coastguard ships, and frigates with its innovative dryers. The company not only caters to defense activities at sea but also provides solutions for (police) facilities ashore, offering a range of options.

Emphasizing quality and sustainability, Pronomar ensures its dryers meet the demands of challenging days at sea. Crews can now commence new shifts with dry and warm clothing, eliminating the need to wear outfits still wet and cold from previous times. Pronomar’s objectives include reducing sick leaves, enhancing comfort for PPE wearers, and boosting overall motivation.

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