AIR Systems

A warm and fast drying of all clothing by using a large amount of warm air, which flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and body-shaped hangers. The hangers contain nozzles, through which the air enters the clothing, reaching all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots.

warm-air circulating boot dryer

One of the main advantages of drying with slightly warmed up air, is that it is particularly gentle on materials such as leather and high-tech fabrics. Finally, because of the equal and constant air flow, all garments are dried within a short amount of time, ensuring that the people can start their next shift warm and dry.


The brushless, digital blower FLOW300 is a straight-forward system, with a new improved housing for extra flexibility for the filter change and with the option to regulate the air volume.  It is already automatically set on perfect working parameters, so that by simply switching on the wind-up timer, everybody can quickly start the dryers in no-time!

The low-noise, brushless and maintenance-free air blower provides an air temperature of approx. 39 ºC at the blower outlet (with a room temperature of 20 ºC).


  • Fast drying

  • Lifespan PPE extends by 2-3 times

  • Dries with a large amount of warm air

  • Improvement for work and leisure

  • Drying from inside-out

  • Removes 95% of all odours

  • Available with timer

warm-air blower for fast drying of workwear


  • Brushless, digital blower unit

  • Maintenance-free

  • Designed for continuous use

  • Equal and constant air flow

  • Low energy consumption

  • Easy-to-operate with timer

  • Easy filter change (tool-free)

  • Stepless air flow regulation

Technical Data

Main data Article nr. PX10FLOW300
Capacity 8 – 10 pcs light work clothes
5 – 7 pcs heavy work clothes
30 pairs of boots/gloves
Air Volume more than 200 m³/h
Outlet Temperature 39 ºC at blower outlet
Security double overheating securing
Average sound level 65 dB(A)
Certificate CE marked
Electrical Data Energy consumption PN ø 1.000 W/h
Electrical connection 1.500 W, 230 V, ~50/60 Hz, 1 PH, (also available for 110 V)
Connector AC supply cable with flexible C13/C14 plug connection
Measurement Dimensions W 30 x D 21 x H 21 cm
Warranty Guarantee 2 years or 5.500 hours of operation