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The food industry highlights the importance of working safely and cleanly. Workers wear special protective clothing (PPE) to ensure safety. It is essential to keep this protective clothing warm, dry and clean to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Our drying systems not only support these goals, but also extend the life of PPE.

In addition, the Merus water treatment has an important role to play in a clean work environment. The water treatment reduces scale in water pipes, keeping them longer clean and improving the efficiency of all associated equipment. This is especially beneficial for equipment used in the food production, such as fog systems in greenhouses or the supply of water for certain processes.

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Pronomar’s innovative drying systems have a number of key benefits to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry. In this industry, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to a safe working environment. Our systems are highly effective for drying work clothes in cold storage and freezer facilities, meat and fish processing plants, bakeries, breweries, ice cream factories and many more. A proper drying not only ensures dry and comfortable clothing, but with the help of the powerful warm-air flow, it also eliminates the habitat of bacteria.

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