Corrosion is an unwanted reaction between materials and substances in their environment. When speaking of for example the material ‘iron’ this reaction becomes visible when rust forms. The Merus technology counteracts problems with corrosion between water on one hand and the material (copper, iron, etc.) on the other.

Often, corrosion gets a chance to develop because of 1) stagnating water or 2) unsaturated water. In both cases, the water or the oxygen dissolved in the water attacks the material of which the pipes or machines are made. This results in rust and/or pitting after a certain amount of time. Then the corrosion roughens the surface which speeds up the entire process even more. When nothing is done to counteract this process, corrosion may cause leakage, expensive emergency shut downs and replacement investments – something the Merus technology can counteract.

Merus ring for pipelines to prevent hydrocarbons and biofouling

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