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The buildings and facility industry collectively represents many types of buildings in which the Merus water treatment proves to be effective, such as in fitness clubs, hotels, recreation parks, saunas, private apartment buildings, laundries, hospitals, and many more!

On the other hand, our drying systems offer significant added value for facility services. In public places, regular maintenance and security is essential. Workers who often have to deal with damp or wet work clothes can start their shift comfortably and dry thanks to our drying systems. This not only increases their comfort, but also their productivity and job satisfaction.

Benefits for Hotels

Even the most luxurious hotels encounter water-related challenges, particularly issues with lime scale, affecting boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools, and saunas. However, the critical area often lies within the hotel rooms, particularly in the sanitary facilities. When guests perceive their hotel room as unhygienic, it can significantly impact their overall experience.

To address these challenges, hotels commonly turn to water softeners. Unfortunately, this solution requires maintaining a stock of salt and regular equipment upkeep, leading to increased costs and demanding considerable staff time. Opting for Pronomar’s water treatment solution could help resolve both issues.

advantages for apartment complexes

Residents of apartment complexes often experience problems with scaling on their sanitary facilities and kitchen appliances, such as the coffee maker and kettle. To combat limescale, water softeners are often used, though they require regular maintenance. The Merus water treatment offers a maintenance-free solution to limescale, eliminating the need for residents to worry about frequent checkups and maintenance.

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