Optimize employee well-being in winter!

21 Dec 2023

Winter is here and people working outdoors face challenging and unpredictable weather. Whether they care for maintaining city parks or roads, or work in agriculture or shipbuilding, these hard-working people often have to deal with damp or wet clothing caused by both sweating and external weather conditions.

Pronomar’s drying systems

Pronomar’s professional drying systems offer robust, customized drying solutions for all types of personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, from work jackets and pants to shoes, gloves and helmets. The systems are designed to meet the drying needs of various types of workwear, and keep them happy in the winter.

Pronomar’s drying systems ensure that workwear is dry at the beginning of the day or shift. Using a warm air blower, a large amount of warm air is blown into the stainless steel frame. This dries the clothing from the inside out within a few hours (depending on the material and humidity). The steel framework contains small nozzles through which the air enters the clothing. The problem areas, such as armpits and the tips of gloves and shoes, are also reached with this. In addition, proper drying also removes 95% of the habitat for bacteria.


By actively preventing the formation of bacteria in damp clothing, Pronomar’s drying systems contribute to a healthier work atmosphere, reducing the risk of illnesses associated with prolonged exposure to wet garments. This, in turn, translates to lower absenteeism rates, as employees are being better equipped to maintain their health and well-being during the winter.

Furthermore, the extended lifespan of workwear achieved through these drying systems directly impacts financial considerations. With PPE lasting longer, companies can experience reduced expenses associated with frequent replacements, ultimately leading to cost savings.


Altogether, Pronomar’s drying systems make a great contribution to improving health and working conditions, and extending the lifespan of PPE. Curious what else we can do? Please feel free to contact us on +31 (078) 681 9481 or send an email to info@pronomar.com.