Pronomar offers the perfect solution for biofouling!

22 Nov 2023


The maritime industry is fighting an ongoing battle against the harmful effects of biofouling in their pipes. The Merus water treatment technology may well be the solution to that.


Biofouling, the accumulation of microorganisms on ship hulls and components, is a serious problem in several industries, including the marine industry and oil and gas. This fouling can lead to accelerated corrosion, in structures and parts located in and around salt water, among other things. One of the main causes of marine biofouling is the cooling of engines with seawater. This practice often results in the formation of unwanted organisms, which not only affects engine efficiency, but also leads to significantly increased maintenance costs.

Merus water treatment

The Merus water treatment is an advanced technology specifically designed to reduce biofouling formation. The technology, which basically consists of a ring, disrupts the processes responsible for the adhesion and growth of organisms to surfaces. The disruption has not only positive effects on the efficiency of seawater-cooled engines, but also on frequent and costly maintenance procedures. Maintenance is required much less frequently and the longevity of the pipes is extended.


Reducing biofouling using the water treatment technology not only contributes to the sustainability of the maritime sector, but also to significant cost savings for companies operating in these industries. Less maintenance means less downtime, which in turn results in improved operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Moreover, after installation, the water treatment can be used without further effort and no energy or chemical additives are required to maintain its effect. Both contribute to a major step toward environmentally friendly and green shipping.

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