Why the maritime industry could benefit from drying systems

19 Sep 2023

Slowly the seasons begin to change and autumn is approaching. A season full of unexpected and rapidly changing weather conditions. As the temperatures drop, protective personal gear against the cold becomes increasingly important within the maritime industry. However, autumn can create wet and soaked work clothes, which can make one sick if they continue walking with it. Also, PPE used in the maritime industry such as life jackets, helmets and other safety equipment can degrade over time due to moisture and environmental factors. Drying systems can provide reduced sick leave and help maintain the integrity of PPE.

Reduce down time

Pronomar’s drying systems successfully eliminate the need to put up with the sometimes lengthy drying times for your equipment. This makes sure that you and your team are always ready to take on the next assignment or act quickly in case of an emergency. You no longer need to plan for lengthy downtimes while your work clothes and equipment naturally dry thanks to Pronomar’s cutting-edge drying solutions.

Enhance health and working conditions

Pronomar’s drying systems ensure that at the start of the day or shift, work clothes are dry. Using a warm-air blower, a large amount of warm air will be blown into the stainless steel frame. This dries the clothing within a few hours (depending on the material and degree of humidity). The steel framework contains small nozzles through which the air enters the clothing. The problem areas, such as armpits and the tips of gloves and shoes, are also reached with this. In addition, proper drying also removes 95% of the habitat for bacteria. The problem areas thus lose their unpleasant odor.

All in all, Pronomar’s drying systems are greatly beneficial to increasing health and working conditions, increasing the PPE lifespan, and reduce drying times significantly.


Altogether, Pronomar’s drying systems make a great contribution to improving health and working conditions in the maritime industry, and extending the lifespan of PPE. Curious what else we can do? Please feel free to contact us on +31 (078) 681 9481 or send an email to info@pronomar.com.