Boot Cleaner

Boot Cleaner
Boot Cleaner

About the product

Pronomar’s professional boot cleaner is ideal for tough use by e.g. industrial or maritime organisations (e.g. polar expedition cruise vessels), but also fire stations, police departments, the military, commercial and agricultural organizations can make use of the boot cleaner. It has a great robustness and flexibility. With everything made from solid stainless steel 316 (with seawater resistant quality), the frame, casing and fittings have a long service life, with extended warranty of 5 years.

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Extra information

Dimensions: W 34 x D 58 x H 106 cm

Material: solid stainless steel 316 (with seawater and salt resistant quality)

Product characteristics:

  • 3 heavy-duty brushes for the proper cleaning of the soles and edges of the footwear
  • 16 water spray nozzles for widespread rinsing
  • incl. water-connected hand brush for the thorough cleaning of the boot tops and shafts
  • elevated from floor by 4 spacers on suction cups (stable and secure placement)
  • to be used as stand-alone model and for floor fixing
  • no power consumption

Standard model: for connection to water flow/stop from building site or for serial line-up

Plus model: with integrated ball valve for water flow/stop

Technical Information:

+ water connection: 1/2 inch external screw thread
+ warranty: 5 years on stainless steel components
+ all wear-and-tear components (e.g. brushes and hoses) available as long-term spares