DUAL Dryer

DUAL Dryer

About the product

Pronomar’s robust DUAL boot dryer combines the best of both worlds and dries the gear from the inside out by means of both electrically heated hangers and a freely adjustable air flow.

This compact plug-and-play system is ideal for the smaller applications. On the uniquely designed rounded hangers you can dry all kinds of footwear, gloves and headwear.

available for 2 or 4 pairs of boots, shoes or gloves:

2 pairs: W 29 x H 55/85 x D 38/48cm
4 pairs: W 58 x H 55/85 x D 38/48cm

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Extra information

  • Rotary knob for freely adjustable air flow
  • Flexible C13/14 plug connection
  • Rounded hangers: electrically heated and with nozzles for a constant air flow
  • Stainless steel 304 or 316 (2 years full warranty on stainless steel and all electrical parts)
  • Available with timer
  • Integrated fan
  • Maintenance-free
  • With electrically heated hangers (eco-mode)
  • Equal and constant air flow (freely adjustable (0 – 100) for speed drying)
  • Connection to 230 V ~50/60 Hz
  • Low energy consumption:
    • 2 pairs, 80 – 150 W/h
    • 4 pairs, 140 – 210 W/h