Fire Fighting

Pronomar offers professional drying systems to dry items of clothing including fire jackets and trousers, but also gloves and boots, breathing masks, helmets etc. Worldwide, many fire stations, emergency services and training centres make use of the dryers.

Starting with a drying time of 1 hour, boots and gloves will be swiftly available for the next use. The efficient method will also dry damp protection wear from the inside out, reducing the risk of steam burns. Furthermore, by gently drying your protective clothing with the drying units, you offer a maximum level of hygiene and extend the life of costly suits.

The dryers are available in different sizes and configurations, to suit any number of operational staff. They are constructed from light weight, yet extremely strong, durable stainless steel. Up to 8 sets of fire clothing can be dried on the system at once. Furthermore, Pronomar offers a free AutoCAD design service, showing options on how to integrate the drying systems in the best possible way, in your existing or newbuilding changing/drying room.

The systems are available for easy do-it-yourself-installation.

gas mask dryer with warm air

Drying room examples for firefighters

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