Sports & Leisure

With Pronomar’s drying equipment the sportswear is gently dried, increasing the gear’s lifetime considerably. The drying systems dry the sports clothing as well as shoes and gloves within hours and prevents the users from wearing cold and wet garments. Dry sportswear contribute to an ultimate sport experience and eliminate illnesses and bad odours.

Think of sportswear for hikers and bikers; skiers and snowboarders;  divers and water sportsmen; or soccer players or boxers; etc.

Unlike traditional drying rooms, the drying units ensure that the warm-air is released directly into the insides of the clothes to all neuralgic zones, taking away the need to heat up and ventilate an entire room, which isn’t very cost efficient. The warm-air blowers come with 6 hour timers to help conserve energy, preventing the blower from being left on to run unnecessarily. We are proud to count among our satisfied customers: football club Anderlecht (Belgium); the annual ice rink Swedice at Museumplein Amsterdam (Netherlands); Lower Dess Sporting Estates (Scotland) and many more!

Drying room examples for sports equipment

outdoor ice skating rinks drying solution

Storage racks for sports equipment

One storage rack for all seasons: mountain bikes in summer periods and ski equipment in winter periods.
professional rack for bicycles
professional robust stainless steel rack for skis

Pronomar’s robust DUAL boot dryer dries the gear from the inside out by means of both electrically heated hangers and a freely adjustable air flow. This compact plug-and-play system is ideal for the smaller applications. On the uniquely designed rounded hangers you can dry all kinds of sports footwear, gloves and headwear.

Dual Dryer for Boots and Gloves
Boot Cleaner

Pronomar’s professional boot cleaner is ideal for sport organizations where footwear tends to get dirty. It has a great robustness and flexibility.  Three heavy-duty brushes with water spray nozzles clean the soles and edges of the footwear optimally, whereas a water-connected hand brush ensures a thorough cleaning of the tops and shafts of the boots. The boot washer is suitable for both boots as well as ankle-high work shoes.

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