Food Industry

Not only are Pronomar’s drying systems excellent for drying cooling and freezing clothes, our drying systems are also suitable for drying clothes that are used in meat and fish industries, bakeries, breweries, ice cream factories, etc. These industries are nowadays only focusing more on the hygiene and comfort of their employees, which is why often is opted for Pronomar’s sustainable drying solutions. Within these industries, it is necessary to work in the required outfits to make sure employees are surrounded by a safe and hygienic work environment. Often, employees find themselves in need of drying equipment for their heavy work suits, gloves and boots.

dryers for the PPE of workers in the food industry

Renowned international companies such as Mora, Nestlé, Smits Cheese, Strabag or Brewery der Trappisten van Westmalle all rely on the drying systems to dry their staff’s freezer clothing.

Drying room examples in the food industry

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