Even the most luxurious hotels experience water problems, mainly concerning lime scale and other issues in boilers, kitchen equipment, swimming pools and saunas. However, the most problematic part is usually found in the hotel rooms themselves, mainly on the sanitary facilities. If hotel guests consider their hotel room unhygienic, it could have a very negative impact on their overall hotel experience.

The most common solution used by hotels to prevent these problems from occurring is a water softener. Yet, the water softener requires a certain amount of salt in stock, and allows for regular maintenance on the equipment to take place. All in all, costs easily rise and much time from staff is demanded.

Advantages of the Merus technology for hotels

  • 1. Cleaner pipe lines will get back their original diameters and water-operating machines will have lower failure and break-down rates

  • 2. Pipe system will have a better corrosion protection due to magnetite layer, resulting in a longer lifespan and less requirements for maintenance and replacement

  • 3. Pumps will have a longer lifespan and need less maintenance and replacement

  • 4. Filters will have a longer lifespan and need less maintenance and replacement

  • 5. Boilers and heat exchangers will consume less energy, need less maintenance, perform better and have a longer lifetime

  • 6. Biofilm and algae will be reduced in the water system, which will lower the failure and break down rates of water-operating machines

  • 7. In combination with reduced lime scale and rust, chances are lower for bacteria (e.g. legionella) to settle in the system in the long term

  • 8. Less chemicals will be needed to maintain a safe level of operation (financial and environmental aspects)

  • 9. Overall appearance of the hotel will be much cleaner (less and easier cleaning of the hotel, less use of cleaning equipment and hotel clients will benefit from a much cleaner hotel)

Example results of shower head with Merus treatment

Merus water technology for scaling issues at shower headsMerus ring for scaling problems at public showers

Pronomar’s Merus water treatment emits molecular frequencies to the water, to make sure that deposits will have little to no chance to build up inside the water lines and/or other equipment. This makes sure that equipment will last up to 30% longer, if the water contains less lime scale. Additionally, machines need to work harder if limescale builds up inside, resulting in more required energy to get the desired same results. The Merus ring can thus save up 20% in terms of energy. Also, we can indicate that hotel chains can save their expenditures on cleaning products and costs with up to 50%.

Besides these corporate advantages, the Merus solution also positively contributes to sustainability purposes. This technique does not add nor subtract anything to the water and therefore makes for an entirely environmental friendly treatment. In addition, the equipment will use less energy and less cleaning products with harmful substances will be used, both making a very positive impact on the environment.

The Merus ring has a warranty of five years and in order to ensure the proper functioning of the ring, hotels can choose to re-calibrate the ring afterwards. Intermediate maintenance is not required.

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