Cruise Lines

One of the primary industries of the Merus water treatment is the maritime sector, which also includes cruise liners. These large ships are naturally always surrounded by water, which also means dealing with the related issues. As luxury is one of the priorities for cruise liners, there are large spaces destined for kitchens, wellness areas and more. These facilities are also supported by various water-bearing systems, which need to be kept clean at all times. This means that it does not only cost a large amount of money to keep the machines clean, it also takes time from employees to take care of it.

MS Rotterdam

In 2014, Holland America Line decided to equip their cruise ship ‘Rotterdam’ with the Merus water treatment for their kitchen feedpipe, hot and cold dishwashers, spa vacuum sanitary system, fresh water generator and reverse osmosis system. This resulted in less time needed for maintenance, the lifespan of the machines prolonged, the amount of scaling on the dishes decreased, which finally resulted in happier and more satisfied staff and guests.

Afterwards, the Amsterdam, Zaandam and Volendam were equipped with the Merus water treatment as well.

Reverse Osmosis System
sustainable water treatment Merus for reverse osmosis system
water technology for reverse osmosis system

Fresh Water Generators & R.O. Systems
water technology for scaling in fresh water generator

Vacuum Sanitary System
Merus ring for vacuum sanitary system