Drying systems: an addition for network providers!

11 Jul 2024

As a regional energy supplier in Southwest Bayern, the LEW Group focuses on regional identity, economic development and climate and environmental protection. In addition, they ensure reliable and safe operation of the power grid not only for their customers, but also for their employees – an aspect that is often overlooked. Pronomar is proud to contribute to this important aspect by supplying drying systems to this organization.

Drying systems

Drying systems, originally designed for outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding, have now become essential in various industries. The systems are designed to dry workers’ workwear and protective equipment even in the most challenging (weather) conditions. By blowing a powerful and warm air flow from the inside through the clothing, employees can return to work comfortably after their break or previous shift.

(Employee) benefits

How do these drying systems contribute to the well-being of network operators’ employees? First, it is important to emphasize that employee comfort directly affects their performance. Dry work clothes not only increase comfort, but also increase motivation and performance – essential when managing complex network systems. In addition, properly dried workwear extends the life of protective equipment. Continued exposure to moisture can cause premature wear and deterioration of materials, resulting in potentially reduced safety.


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