The desire of traveling to the most far-away destinations is increasing in popularity, which can be confirmed by cruise lines offering exclusive expeditions. Many expedition cruise lines offer various captivating activities for those who would like to vigorously explore the pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife. These excursions require passengers to wear safe and insulated outfits (such as muck boots and waterproof polar expedition clothing), because of their frequent contact with snow, ice and water.

Since these activities are organized daily, it is important to make sure the polar gear is cleaned and dried in between expeditions, so it is still comfortable to wear the following day. With Pronomar’s new professional boot cleaners, dirty muck boots can be washed with brushes with water spray nozzles to thoroughly clean the footwear. Afterwards, all expedition clothing, boots and gloves can be placed on Pronomar’s professional drying systems for a fast internal drying. The modular cleaning and drying systems, which are completely made from seawater resistant stainless steel 316, will contribute to healthier and more comfortable experience for the guests onboard.

Which types of clothing can you dry onboard a (expedition) cruise vessel?

Boot Cleaners for Expedition Gear

Pronomar’s professional boot cleaner is ideal for tough use maritime organisations, like polar expedition cruise vessels. It has a great robustness and flexibility. With everything made from solid stainless steel 316 (with seawater resistant quality), the frame, casing and fittings have a long service life, with extended warranty of 5 years. The water coming from the spray nozzles cleans all sides and soles of the dirty footwear by rubbing the boots in the bristles of the three heavy-duty brushes, and by using the additional hand-brush all dirt from the tops and shafts of the boots is removed effortlessly within seconds.

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