Commercial fishing provides a large quantity of food to many countries around the world, but those who practice it as an industry most often pursue fish far into the ocean, under adverse circumstances. One can only imagine what it’s like to work onboard these vessels, in all sorts of marine conditions and weather conditions.

Having to put on your wet work clothes from the day before, can influence your health and mindset. That is exactly why Pronomar offers drying systems; to ensure these problems belong to the past and to provide these brave men with comfortable attire.

Pronomar’s robust systems will dry your PPE the easy way. The fishery clothing is dried from the inside out by means of warm air. The drying is fast and gentle, so that your valuable equipment receives the careful treatment it deserves.


  • dry and hygienic equipment

  • body-shaped hangers (various possibilities)

  • stainless steel 304 or 316

  • lifespan PPE extends by 2-3 times

  • drying from inside-out

  • easy-to-operate

  • robust, nearly indestructible system

  • space-saving


  • brushless, digital blower unit

  • maintenance free

  • 8 years full warranty on stainless steel

  • suitable for wall-fixation, as freestanding unit or fixed to a mobile rack

  • designed for continuous use

  • equal and constant air flow

  • hangers detachable from air tube

Drying room example on-board of fishing trawlers

Trawler vessel equipped with a jacket dryer for 10 oilskin/V-neck jackets, a glove dryer for 20 pairs of gloves and a boot dryer for 5 pairs of boots.

Popular drying solutions for fishery workwear: