Mining Industry

The mining industry is an industrial sector of which the world nowadays is heavily dependent. The activities to extract gold, silver, copper, lithium and many other materials, is of great importance to many countries around the world. One of the emerging trends of this sector is the rising attention to its employees, to safeguard their work environment and offer them a comfortable work environment. This is why Pronomar’s professional drying solution has been receiving much attention coming from this industrial sector.

drying systems for the mining industry

Within the underground mines, a harsh work environment is represented. Mine workers who have shifts in underground mines are usually faced with damp and wet situations, which causes their outfits to get wet of the humidity and transpiration. The temperatures inside these mines can rise up to 35 ℃. Furthermore, many operations in underground mines involves the use of large amounts of water, causing the mining outfits to be completely soaked with water at the end of the shifts.

drying Solutions for Mining Industry

Open-pit mines are characterized by extreme weather fluctuations, due to the change of seasons. In winter, mine workers sometimes need to wear thermal clothing due to the extreme cold, which can reach to temperatures of around -30 ℃.  Besides, thunder and snow storms can arise, creating an extremely tough work environment. In summer, temperatures can reach to +35 ℃, often causing mine workers to commence transpiring in their heavy coveralls.

  • Jockey helmet

  • Respirator

  • Earplugs

  • Safety glasses

  • Coverall with reflective tapes (vests with ribbons in case of supervisors)

  • Leather shoes with steel tip

  • Leather gloves

  • (Sometimes) thermal clothing in cold environments

  • Coverall with reflective tapes

  • Complete wing helmet

  • Respirator

  • Earplugs

  • Leather gloves (can be nitrile with water)

  • Lamp holder strap

  • Mining lamp

  • Safety glasses (In perforated mesh lenses)

  • Self-rescuer (Attempt to be mandatory)

  • Rubber boots with steel tip

“Mining activity requires a lot of effort, therefore, workers tend to sweat a lot.”

“It’s always very hot, and that’s why work clothes are always soaked with water and sweat.”

“What most affects industrial clothing is the deterioration of work clothes when washing and drying. At the same time the changing of work clothes due to drying damage increases the costs.”

“The abrupt climate fluctuations can be very difficult, making mine workers suffer a lot from this harsh work environment. In the end they say they get used to it, but it is something of which they keep suffering. They are always exposed to these extreme temperatures which causes the clothing to get humid or wet from the inside, which means they have no choice but to get used to it or eventually change work outfits.”