Municipal Services

Public places all need the necessary maintenance on a regular basis, think of urban green spaces, street greeneries, public playgrounds and many more. Many community services are performed outdoors, which makes the work subject to the weather conditions. For this reason, employees at these departments often experience problems with (soaking) wet workwear. Also construction workers, who constantly lift and transport heavy material, encounter trouble with very sweaty work suits, which are naturally rather uncomfortable to wear during the next shift. In short, municipalities can greatly benefit from Pronomar’s drying solution in terms of social and financial advantages, since health and productivity will rise, and less repeat purchases of work clothing is required, due to the increased lifespan of the properly dried clothing.

The following segments can particularly benefit from a sustainable drying solution:

  • Town horticulture

  • Railway & metro maintenance teams

  • Construction

  • Utility work teams (e.g. sewage cleaners)

  • Water purification plants

  • Railway stations

  • Water clarification plants

  • Garbage collection

complete drying room solution for heavy work equipment

Public Green Departments (PGD’s)

drying systems for public garden departments and municipalities

All municipalities organize the required maintenance for their town, when it comes to public spaces. Some refer to these departments as Public Green Departments (PGD’s). They for instance carry out the following tasks: mowing grass fields and verges, cleaning up street edges and ditches, construction and maintenance works for ponds, forest management and the maintenance of cemeteries and public gardens. Multiple municipalities have already reached out to Pronomar for drying room equipment, since they were lacking a proper drying solution that could dry the workwear of their employees within a reasonable amount of time.

Pronomar has already supplied their drying systems to various Gardening Departments in Europe to dry, among other things, the following gear:

  • Jackets

  • Chainsaw pants

  • Caps

  • Gloves

  • Boots