Health and Comfort

More and more attention is being paid to safety initiatives, but Pronomar believes the health initiatives should get equal attention. Poor health causes an increased risk, especially on-board of vessels and offshore.

In the Scandinavian Oil-Gas magazine no. 9/10 of 2013 we read the following:

“Buying into health is the best return on investment any company can generate. Healthier workers are more focused on their jobs and are more alert to safety risks, immediately creating the potential to reduce the number of accidents. Workers who have healthy immune systems are less likely to catch colds and other infections that are endemic in enclosed environments.”
“It is crucial for operators to remember that health plays an important role in the industry and has never been more relevant.”

Studies focusing on occupational health have been carried out and they showed that the use of drying systems results in a significant decrease of sick leaves. Saving just one day of sick leave per employee helps to finance the cost of the Pronomar systems in the first year. Additionally to less sick leaves the staff’s motivation and efficiency naturally increases as well when provided with dry and properly maintained clothes and footwear. In the long run, many chronic diseases are caused by wearing wet work wear and in turn count among occupational diseases leading to costly down-time in organizations.

Another major factor that leads to a faster payback time of the Pronomar systems is that if boots, gloves, clothes etc. are always kept dry their lifespan is of course prolonged considerably (by about 2-3 times).

We all know that you are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp clothing. With the Pronomar drying systems this is a thing of the past. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!

drying systems for a neat and clean changing room and efficient drying of heavy work wear