In almost all industries cooling is required. You could think of the heavy industry, where the heat needed for the production needs to be cooled. Or of the food industry, where often the product has to be cooled. Merus holds an environment-friendly solution for the treatment of cooling water and cooling water systems for the following industries: power plants, steel industry, chemical industry, cooling towers, dairy industry, food industry, breweries, etc.

Merus water treatment for industrial applications

Most cooling water systems are confronted with all the major problems caused by water: scaling, corrosion, fouling and bio-fouling. When using seawater or surface water you should also think of the additional problems such as algae, bacteria, barnacles and even marine growth that should be treated. To get these problems under control, Merus will treat the cooling water system by installing the Merus rings at strategic locations to obtain the highest possible results.

Service agreements

With a lot of our customers we make service agreements. A service contract includes the delivery and installation of the rings, giving recommendations, having regular meetings with the customers and guaranteeing the highest possible performance levels by reloading the rings every 2,5 years or even every year for certain applications.

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding the Merus technology, please contact us today for fast and competent help. We’d be happy to think together with you about the best solution for the problems you are facing.

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