Vessels which are used for dredging operations are mainly involved in operations to make underwater pathways clear for other ships. This means that enough space is created to for instance build bridges, dams, and more. As a result of these dredging operations, the dredgers usually encounter problems with the way they handle the large amounts of water. That is why the Merus technology is often provided to dredging hoppers, to prevent any sort of problems related to lime scale, corrosion and biological problems in the water lines and water bearing systems.

The Merus ring can be installed at the hydrophore, vacuum sanitary system, boiler/calorifier, water feed pipe separator, evaporator, ballast water and main seawater lines. As a result of having installed this innovative and sustainable solution, the lifespan of the pipes, boilers, tanks, etc. gets prolonged. In addition, a large amount of time for service and maintenance is being saved, as well as a large amount of money.

Merus water technology treatment for seawater lines
Pronomar Merus water treatment for ships
Merus water technology to prevent biofouling in pipelines

Royal Boskalis Westminster NV

Boskalis, the leading dredging and offshore contractor, has been happily making use of our Merus water treatment, as 18 of their vessels have already been provided, for instance including the TSHD’s Willem van Oranje, Oranje, Crestway, Gateway, Prins der Nederlanden and the Beachway. For instance, a 14 “ Merus ring was installed at the main seawater pipe of the TSHD Medway, to remove problems with lime scale and prevent any type of marine growth, which is particularly problematic along the coast.

Merus rings for Prins der Nederlanden
Pronomar Merus water technology for Beachway