Technical advances and changes in the oil, gas and wind industry have resulted in a larger number of offshore installations and therefore also a larger demand for means to commute personnel and to transport goods. Offshore installations and offshore supply vessels require an extensive amount of seawater, which is directly used for cooling processes, to get drinking water and to feed water for steam boilers and other sensitive machines. Depending on the location, the seawater often contains large amounts of salt and calcium carbonate, which can be damaging the pipes and technical machines. Many installations therefore make use of a water softener, yet this still results in many issues with lime scale, biofouling and corrosion.


The Merus water treatment is particularly valuable for the offshore industry, as it protects the hydrophore for the domestic water system, the calorifier feed pipe and the hot water circulation pipe against all sorts of problems related to lime scale, rust and bacteria. In addition to removing these problematic substances, the Merus ring leaves the pipes even cleaner than before, increases the life span of all water-related machines and offers an alternative to the expensive maintenance services.

Merus rings for seawater lines of VOS Pace

Vroon is already making use of the Merus ring in 12 of their offshore vessels, e.g. the VOS Pace, VOS Star and VOS Sugar. To give an example, the complete domestic water system of the VOS Pace was equipped, including the hydrophore, calorifier feed pipe and the warm water circulation line. The rings make sure that the problem is solved at the root, as the growth of the substances is interrupted and leaves the pipes as clean as possible.

water technology Merus for Kroonborg Wagenborg to prevent limescale, biofouling, hydrocarbons and corrosion

Wagenborg is an international shipping and transport company, also specialized in the offshore sector. Multiple of their offshore vessels are equipped with the Merus ring to prevent scaling and other maritime problems. A few of these vessels include the Kroonborg, Schieborg, Slingeborg and Spaarneborg. The Merus ring was for instance installed at the hydrophore, the feed pipe separator and the boiler return line.

Merus ring Wintershall platform L8

Multiple platforms of Wintershall have been equipped with the Merus water treatment. These two pictures concern the Wintershall L8 platform, where the Merus rings have been installed around three seawater lines and the seawater intake to prevent marine growth.

water treatment for platform Wintershall L8

TransOcean Spitsbergen
Merus ring for TransOcean Spitsbergen

The Transocean Spitsbergen is a semi-submersible drilling facility which has been equipped with the Merus water technology. On this semi-submersible, the main seawater lines were equipped with Merus rings. The main objective was to diminish marine growth at pipelines.

water technology for platform TransOcean Spitsbergen