Refineries / Oil and Gas

The process of refining, that is heating the crude oil to different temperatures, is an established technology. But most refineries still face one problem, which is fouling in heat exchangers or cooling systems. Merus provides a solution for this, which is especially beneficial for refineries, including oil and gas applications, hydrocarbon lines, down-hole tool (for drilling sites), etc.

At all places where the supply of quality water is a problem, the cooling water causes a lot of scaling, corrosion and fouling in the heat exchangers and piping systems. Often seawater or surface water is used for cooling purposes, which causes a lot of additional problems in the cooling system.

The Merus ring is effective in cold and warm water, as well as fresh and seawater and technical water and provides a solution for:

Merus ring for pipelines to prevent hydrocarbons and biofouling

Rust, pitting, brownish water

Merus technology for corrosion problems

Rust, lime scale, bio film, salts, paraffin wax

Merus ring at cooling loop to prevent biofouling and marine growth

Algae, bacteria, biofouling, barnacles, marine growth

Merus treats the following applications:
  • Heat exchangers (both the water as well as the hydrocarbon side)
  • Cooling water system
  • Also sea water and surface water
water treatment Merus rings for Odfjell refineries and industries

Installation of a Merus Ring DHT

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