Following promising results of (earlier) installations in April 2014 at Basic-Fit Brussels Madou and Waterloo, Basic-Fit Belgium gave an order to equip 28 other locations with the environment-friendly Pronomar – MERUS ring. The rings were installed by Pronomar during a so called “tour through Flanders and Wallonia” in December 2014.

The industrial MERUS rings that are installed for the benefit of the main and hot water supply vary from ¾” to 1½”. The difference in sizes is a result of the structure of the piping in each Basic-Fit building.

The scaling problems, which affect showers, faucets and floors, are hard to clean and lead to high costs. With the MERUS ring the scaling becomes softer, is easier to flush away and easier to clean. Therefore the lifespan of the technical devices is increased, because they require less maintenance. A lot of high expenses are saved!
Generally speaking the MERUS rings also contribute to a reduction of the legionella risk, because the lime scale and biofilm flushes out of the piping. All of this is possible with little to no added chemicals, which helps you to decrease your ecological footprint.